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Summary of the meeting of doctors, members of TIV

Summary of the meeting of doctors, members of TIV

Fighting for a professional integration the doctors, members of TIV had a meeting on October 8, 2016 that took place at the Diocese of Gatineau. The purpose of this gathering was to discuss again the issues and the means to be used in order to achieve a professional integration in Quebec.

The following points were on the agenda:

  • Presentation of the teamwork on the reference document to be used as an advocacy tool
  • Discussions and approval of the written texts
  • Miscellaneous

During the two presentations several main points have been addressed such as:

  1. Background and motivation for immigration of the doctors in Quebec
  2. Outcomes of the correspondences between TIV and various government institutions and adopted strategies
  3. Analysis of the integration process for the IMG physicians established in Quebec
  4. Obstacles and challenges encountered by IMG physicians in the integration process in Quebec

Following the presentations, the participants in the meeting have found that there is a lack of consideration by the different institutions that have been contacted and that are responsible for addressing the integration concerns.

The participants are determined to continue fighting with the different administrative and political authorities by recommending a consultation table aiming to resolve this issue.

Next meeting will be held on October 23, 2016, same time and place. Its purpose will be to continue focusing on those same priorities and keep up the momentum by presenting the progress in the creating of the reference document.

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