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The Immigrant Voice offers services (The offer) to highly skilled newcomers (with professional skills obtained abroad), to professional orders, to specific employers looking for a highly skilled workforce, and to municipal, provincial and federal governments.

The offer has a triple objective:  

  • Fasten the economic integration for highly skilled newcomers;
  • Satisfy the need for highly skilled newcomers for specific employers;  
  • Provide an adequate response to governmental policies and strategies to more quickly integrate highly skilled newcomers into the labor market.


 The offer before arrival

  • Online access to simplified information & tools relating to the process of admission to a professional order or other regulatory body;
  • Online access to the reference frameworks of skills required for the practice of a regulated profession or trade in Quebec (Canada);
  • Access (1) to the collaborative resource platform (2) for the recognition of newcomers' skills;
  • Access, on the collaborative platform, to quantitative and qualitative data on the path of newcomers, from abroad, until a job with full potential;
  • Access to the collaborative platform for networking, upon arrival, with potential employers for: remunerated professional internships (if possible), mentorships, term or indeterminate jobs or volunteer work calibrated for early immersion in the labor market in Quebec (Canada)

 The offer once arrived

  • Access to the set of services offered before arrival;
  • Access to punctual workshops on the recognition of the skills of newcomers (also available online from abroad on ministerial reference);
  • Access to punctual workshops on the preparation and the constitution of application files to submit to the professional orders;
  • Access to training or self-study guides or other tools to assist in the preparation of a mandatory examination by a professional corporation or other regulatory body;
  • Access to the group complaint service to the complaints commissioner, if necessary;
  • Access to the support service for the collective defense of rights at the Human Rights Tribunal, if necessary.
  • [1] Access to the collaborative platform will mainly concern immigrants referred by a province or the federal government.
  • [2] Also available to professional orders and specific employers looking for a regulated workforce.


  • Special On-Demand and Pay-Per-View Agreement – Please contact the organization's management in this regard;
  • Access to the collaborative platform for publication of paid professional internship offers, mentoring, specific and targeted volunteering, fixed-term or indeterminate jobs in order to discover, in immersion, skills acquired abroad by highly skilled newcomers;
  • Access to the collaborative platform for networking with highly qualified available newcomers.


  • Special agreement for the design and implementation of innovative projects targeting the employment integration of highly qualified newcomers – Please contact the organization's management in this regard.


Our services are bilingual and confidential! Whether it is a service offered in a group or individually, our objective is to always exceed our clients’ expectations.

I learned a lot when I was volunteering with The Immigrant Voice.
Head Of Ideas
Your work helps qualified people continue to seek a sustainable career.
Head Of Ideas
Thank you for your support and good luck in your future projects.
Marketing Manager

For a future together

We help doctors, nurses, engineers, lawyers…graduated abroad that have difficulties to find employment in their field of competence to share their experience so as to contribute in an effective manner for the development of Quebec, their host province. The Immigrant’s Voice acts as an intermediary between the qualified immigrants and the Quebec government. We raise the government awareness so that effective solutions for the issues faced by these skilled workers are found. Our aim is to help them even further. We need your contribution to bring our mission forward. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

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