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Our services

We offer 2 types of services, individual and groups.
1. Individual Services
• Helping for preparation of applications for submission to professional orders of Quebec and Canada;
• Providing personalized advice in order to obtain recognition of experience and qualifications obtained outside of Canada;
• Offering representative service before professional orders and regulated professions in order to promote acceptance of skilled newcomers;

2. Large Group Services
• Class action suits against professional orders
• Formulating class action suits before the Complaints Commissioner or the Quebec Commission on Human Rights and Children’s Rights (CDPDJ);
• Accompanying in collective rights defence before the Human Rights Tribunal


For a future together

We help doctors, nurses, engineers, lawyers…graduated abroad that have difficulties to find employment in their field of competence to share their experience so as to contribute in an effective manner for the development of Quebec, their host province. The Immigrant’s Voice acts as an intermediary between the qualified immigrants and the Quebec government. We raise the government awareness so that effective solutions for the issues faced by these skilled workers are found. Our aim is to help them even further. We need your contribution to bring our mission forward. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

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