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About us

For a sustainable future

The Immigrant Voice (TIV) is a registered charity organization, whose principal mission is to contribute for the settlement and integration of new skilled immigrants confronting obstacles in finding employment in their field of competence.

TIV is dedicated to support the new skilled immigrants holding higher education degrees, experience and competences obtained outside of Canada and confronting certain obstacles regarding their recognition.

TIV is a non for profit organization within the meaning of the Quebec Companies Act. TIV has obtained their first patent letters on July 29th, 2013 and their second one on October 9th, 2015.

TIV is a registered Canadian charity organization since October 9th, 2015 and his office is in Gatineau, Quebec (Canada).

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.

Henry Ford

Our story

Helping others is not a job, it is a calling

  • Starting out

    THE IMMIGRANT’S VOICE (TIV) is a non-profit organisation duly registered on July 29, 2013. Its creation is initiated by a group of people who understand the need for improving the current conditions in order to ensure a sustainable professional integration of the qualified immigrants in Quebec.

  • Every campaign counts

    The non-recognition of experience and acquired skills is one of the major obstacles hindering the labour market participation of the skilled immigrants in Quebec. Still, this issue is not limited only to Quebec. TIV calls for the adoption of a law at a federal level that will also benefit Quebec. Besides the legislative reform, raising the awareness of every one of us about the advantages of a better professional integration of the skilled immigrants is equally important for the bright future of Quebec.

  • Still so much to do

    The Quebec government invests significant resources to support the professional integration of the skilled immigrants, but the problem persists. TIV will spare no effort to leverage its expertise for finding a better solution to this pending issue.

  • Everyone is important

    “The recognition of skills and competences should be considered as an issue of Quebec society as a whole and not only as a problem of the immigrants themselves. In fact, it is this society that faces the problem of lacking skilled workforce and that will experience a serious problem of succession planning” (Chanoux, 2003, p.24). TIV is a partner for a better professional integration of the Quebec skilled immigrants. Together, we can change the story.

  • The Big Movement

    TIV will award an annual title of “Ambassador of the skilled immigrants’ cause” to an individual, a company or an institution who distinguishes themselves by their significant contribution for the professional integration of the skilled immigrants in Quebec. TIV will announce officially the name of the nominated person on its website.

  • Living in Quebec

    Living in Quebec means to contribute effectively for the provincial socio-economic development.  “The qualified workforce underutilization is a gap that needs to be filled” (Desjardins, 2012, RBC economist). TIV stands for: “Economic integration meaning that every person has found an employment corresponding to their skills and professional qualifications. To be distinguished from the employment integration that shows only that the person is employed” (Chanoux, 2003, p.24)

Our team

Our team realises the impossible

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